We want to see every person attending Cedarview, experience the fullness of Christ in everyday living.  We believe this requires connecting with others weekly for prayer, study, fellowship, ministry, and mission.  This can be in the traditional home setting or non-traditional setting such as worship teams, serving and outreach teams, classrooms and restaurants.

Small Groups are comprised of people with a common interest or purpose.  They exist because they are essential to the health and growth of the church.

They provide community, personal relationships, and opportunities for serving together and serving one another.

They complement Sunday worship as in Acts 2:42 (meeting regularly for study, prayer, fellowship, and outreach.  They practice the Five Ones of Discipleship.

They provide a place to share life stories and to encourage one another through prayer and meeting practical needs.

Each group has a mission or ministry focus.

The intentionally invite newcomers to join them.

They willingly multiply to enable new believers and newcomers to experience “the fullness of Christ in everyday living.”

Their topics and focus range from sermon notes to support groups.

Interested in joining a Small Group? Contact the church office.