The Sower // April 23, 2023

Cedarview Alliance Church,

I remember my grade 9 algebra teacher and how he prepared a lesson for us on ‘reciprocal of fractions’. He invited a student (let’s call him Alan) to come up to the front of the class, then he lifted him upside down and held him by his ankles in the air and declared ‘This is Alan’s reciprocal!’. (I’m pretty sure he had obtained permission in advance!). I guess this will only make sense to those of you in grade 9 or for math people who know about reciprocals. But the point is – he got our attention first, and having a teacher who made learning memorable was very helpful for someone struggling with algebra (me!).

What about teaching about God’s plans in this world and how we are a part of them? How much more important would it be to make sure that our attention is captured? This Sunday, April 23 we begin a new series with the Master Teacher and one of His creative (and sometimes elusive) tools – parables. The text is Matthew13:1-15 and the title is “The Sower”.

For His Kingdom already among us and His Kingdom still to come,

Pastor Mike