Testimonies of God’s Faithfulness over 2023// December 31, 2023

Cedarview Alliance church family,

I feel like I’m sending this email on my ‘tip-toes’ – carefully and quietly. I hate to disturb you on the quiet ‘week after Christmas’! I have just one important question.

What has God done in 2023 that is cause for joy?

This Sunday, December 31st is the first Sunday after Christmas of course and it is also the last day of the year. It’s a tradition for us at Cedarview to have a service that features brief testimonies (which are stories of God at work in our lives) mixed with singing. And you can participate! In order to do so, why not take the time to reflect on this question.

It may help you write something down in your journal and enjoy on your own. It may fuel your desire to worship him with the community. You may even want to share it with others. But whatever you do, to simply ask the question in reverent quiet and wait and reflect is a wise practice for all of us. May God meet you as you do, and meet us together as we worship him this Sunday,

In Christ who is God with Us,

Pastor Mike