Awake My Soul // January 8, 2023

Cedarview Alliance Church,

With holiday festivities wrapped up, many are (or will soon be) getting back into routine of setting alarms to wake up at specific times in the morning. It is not easy to do, I know. I have a lot of sympathy for our young people especially. When I was a teen, I had to set an alarm on the other side of my (cold basement) room, so that I would need to get out of bed to turn it off! But it worked.

In the Bible and in history, the people of God have needed ‘wake up calls’. There are times when, out of love and urgency, he summons His people to new action, or new opportunities or to warn them of danger. Sometimes they hear and act, other times…well, it’s more like they find ways to ‘turn it off’ and ignore His call. When that happens, it is never, ever good for anyone.

This Sunday, January 8th, we begin a new teaching series, studying passages of scripture about times and ways that God has revived His people. The text this week is Acts 1:14 and title is “Awake My Soul”. See you on Sunday! (Some of you may want to try the “alarm across the room” trick).

For Christ and His Kingdom,

Pastor Mike