Regarding our leaders // February 11, 2024

Cedarview Alliance Church,

I once went to a church conference where they repeated the statement ‘Everything rises or falls on leadership!’. I think they were trying to scare us or else promote the urgency of their material, or both. Well, it worked on me at the time. I listened intently to leaders and stories of leaders who were successful in sports, in business, in leading giant churches or in entertainment. The idea was what if you lead like them, then you will be as successful as them, too! (And if you were not successful like them: that is your fault!) I remember feeling there was a breathless ‘hype’ or ‘energy’ that felt so attractive, and yet also oppressively unobtainable.

Oh Lord, deliver us!

This Sunday, February 11th, the text is 1 Thessalonians 5:12-13 (c.f. chapter 2:1-12), and the title is “Regarding our leaders”. Sadly, like my worried self at the conference, so many have often ignored the revolutionary example and teaching of Jesus regarding leadership. It still has risk and adventure, but also peace and grace, and involves the whole church.

Together with you under His leadership,

Pastor Mike