How can I hear God’s voice? // January 22, 2023

Cedarview Alliance Church,

One of the games I remember playing as a young person in a youth group was a kind of relay, where people on your team had to bring something back and forth across a big space. The catch was that you were blindfolded, and you had to depend on the shouts of guidance from your team for directions. (One time we had to ‘wear’ a refrigerator box). The worst part was of course several other teams were shouting instructions to their players as well! It seemed nearly impossible to pick out the voices belonging to your own team. I remember once trying to just focus on one voice in all that mix.

This Sunday January 22nd we will continue our Awake My Soul series. The text is John 16:12-15, and the title is “How can I hear God’s voice?”. There’s good news this week: God does want to communicate with us! Despite how hard it can be at times, we will talk practically of how to ‘hear’ in the midst of all the other voices around us. Best of all, this is a path that leads to rest for our souls.

With you in Christ, who is gentle and humble in heart,

Pastor Mike

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