A Faithful Witness // April 16, 2023

Michelle and I remember April 13 as the day we first met and began the dating process. We call it our ‘meet-a-versary’. Yes, that is tacky and sentimental, I know! Laugh all you want! (I can hear you Matt). But that’s okay – because it’s a joy to remember those early days.

There’s a spiritual metaphor there, too. There are times when we remember a kind of joyful ‘fire’ that comes along when we first catch a glimpse of that much deeper love – the love of Christ for us, and His love for the whole world. Sometimes, we need to remember those early days, and invite the Spirit to remind us of His plan for us and for our neighbours.

This coming Sunday, April 16 I believe will be like that. We will be welcoming a special guest speaker, Dr. Miriam Charter. Dr. Charter was an international worker for many years in communist Europe in the 80s and early 90s, then served the Lord in the academic world as professor and in church mission mobilization. Recently, she wrote a book called “reGeneration: Stories of Resilient Faith in Communist Romania” *. Her text is Acts 1:8 and the title is “A Faithful Witness”.

*Copies of this book will be available at the welcome center for $20!

With you for Christ and His Kingdom,

Pastor Mike