Church gatherings will move forward gradually this summer.

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Updated Sunday, June 28th*

Cedarview Alliance Church,

After much prayer and discussion, we have a timeline moving forward incrementally for re-opening this summer! On Sunday, August 2nd, we plan to give the opportunity for people to attend Cedarview Alliance Church in our sanctuary, while maintaining the opportunity for you to worship ‘at home’.

In the short term – what will change? Not too much! In July, our worship services will continue online as before. You will, however, notice eventually that we will switch from pre-recorded services to a 10:30 am online service that will be recorded ‘live’. We will continue to send out the link on Saturday as usual.

This will give our worship teams and tech crews the month of July to work with new technology. It will also give other volunteers in the areas such as ushering, a chance to practice new health protocols that will need to be in place at Cedarview. Small gatherings will help test our readiness and then on Sunday, August 2nd, we hope to be ready for everyone who wants to attend in person.

What about your part? We will inform you by email about the key public health requirements for those who desire to attend or volunteer. We will also keep our website updated with that information. This will include a registration system, so that you can register prior to attending or volunteering.

Can I volunteer? Yes! We are going to need people to help throughout the summer with some extra sanitizing during the service, as well as serving as greeters who assist people with things that are new. You can contact: ced[email protected]

Could some of this change? Yes! We have many things we are now trying and learning and so we may need to change some dates as we get closer.

Thank you for participating in this through prayer, through the grace and love you extend to one another, and through helping where you can.

Together with you for Christ and His Kingdom,

Pastor Mike



Mid-Week Facility Use: Cedarview will generally remain closed and unavailable for small groups for the summer. It will be used at times for some planning and set up for worship services and for Summer Day Camp preparations and the actual camp.

Summer Day Camp in August 2020:  We are moving forward with Summer Day Camp, following the public health requirements that have been released for Day Camps in Ontario. For more information click here.

Prayer and Getting Connected: Perhaps until now you have held back from getting connected with a small group or joining a prayer meeting. We have many groups already going – if you’d like to inquire about participating in an online group by computer or by phone, contact us at [email protected] The same applies if you would like someone to pray with – just send a note and we will get in touch with you.