From Nursery to Elementary ages we make the most of opportunities to help children and families discover God’s Love and God’s Word, in a safe and child-friendly environment.

Through a partnership of teachers, parents, helpers, and youth serving together as a team of leaders, we support children and families in discovering a growing relationship with Jesus Christ.

Discover the impact of Christian teaching, compassion, and care available for all children in a number of programs.  We love children at Cedarview, so we work hard to create safe and enjoyable environments for children newborn through elementary each week at our 10:30am services.

If you have a question about Children's Ministry at Cedarview or would like to connect with one of our Children's Ministry staff, email Pastor Lena.

SUNDAYS AT 10:30am

We strive to make the most of opportunities to help children and families discover and grow in God’s Love and God’s Word, in a safe and child-friendly environment.  As permission is granted, we are planning to restart the Children's programs from Preschool to Kids Church on Sunday July 4th, 2021. This summer we will  explore The Epic Exodus, as we continue to learn about Trusting The Lord. We will continue to have the weekly online "Kids Moment" at following the Sunday Service.

Our on-site children's programs have been redesigned with the current Health & Safety Guidelines in place. Please email [email protected] by Friday if you would like your child(ren) to attend on a Sunday morning, so that we may plan accordingly.  All children will enter via the screening and check-in tables in the Chapel Foyer, then join their groups. Attendance is also taken at each group.

Discover the impact of Christian teaching, compassion, and care available for children in these programs. They take place each week during our Sunday 10:30am Services, with thanks to all those leaders, parents, and youth helpers serving.

Nursery - In our bright and spacious nursery, little ones up to 2 yrs can enjoy a morning of fun under the care of trained leaders, parents, and youth helpers.  A nursing room and changing areas are also available. The Nursery is located in the main foyer.

Toddlers & Preschool - The 2.5 to 5 years old children have an opportunity to learn and play based on a presentation of Bible themes, stories, music, and craft activities. Preschool Rooms are located on the lower level, and parents must sign-in and sign-out children to/from an age appropriate room based on year of birth.

Kids Church - Children grades 1-6 participate in a Church program designed especially for kids! In groups there is time to connect with others, an introduction to the lesson theme, and Bible Story teaching. There is also a time of praise music, missions moment, memory verse, and life application of the Bible teaching. Kids Church takes place in the Chapel.

Grades 5-6 - A morning experience in the Youth Room geared to helping grade 5 & 6 students learn, apply, and live  out Biblical principles. Time will be spent developing ministry skills as the group participates in skits, songs, and stories for Kids Church and Preschool.


This two morning a week program provides young children ages 2.5 to 4 years a fun and safe learning environment based on Christian values. Our Fall 2023 season is planning for one group with classes on Tuesday/Thursday mornings from 9:30am to 11:30am. Spaces are limited.

With Health & Safety Guidelines in place, children are engaged in a variety of early childhood activities including: Free Play Centres, Circle Times, Craft Projects, Music, Games, and parent provided Snack Time. Each child is encouraged to participate at their own pace, while being introduced to routines that will help prepare them for Junior Kindergarten. In addition to Bible stories and other children's stories, the teaching includes introduction to numbers, colours, shapes, and the alphabet. The sessions are led by experienced leaders in Early Childhood programming. The registration form includes information on the program dates and fees, to help cover costs. We look forward to meeting your little ones and exploring together! For more information and registration form please contact Pastor Lena.