Why Should I Give?

Throughout history, the people of God have given financially as an integral part of their lives of worship, to further the work of the church and the spread of the gospel, to provide relief to the needy and to support their leaders (Genesis 14:20, Proverbs 3:9, Matthew 6:2-4, Mark 12:41-44, Acts 2:34-35, 1 Corinthians 9:9-10). At Cedarview, we endorse giving for all these reasons and encourage you to make giving a regular, normal part of your walk of faith. Your generous giving is part of what it means for Cedarview to be united in wholehearted pursuit of Jesus … so that the world around us would see and know His great love for them.

How Can I Give?

Cedarview supports a number of channels for your giving. Please review the options below and choose the channel that suits you best. For details on how you can designate the allocation of your offering, please check the “Can I Designate My Offering” section at the bottom of this page.

If you have any questions about channels or designations, please contact our Donations Secretaries at [email protected].

In Person

If you attend one of our worship services on site, you can give in person. During the current coronavirus pandemic, we are adhering to local and provincial public health meeting guidelines, so you can give by cash or cheque via the offering box at the Welcome Center.

If you give by cheque, we recommend enclosing it with an Offering Envelope for your confidentiality, for easier tax receipting, and so you can designate which funds your offering should go to. If you have run out of envelopes, or wish to start using them, please check at the Welcome Center or contact the church office.

Electronic Bill Payment

If you want to give electronically, the best method is to set up a Bill Payment with your bank. Simply enter Cedarview Alliance Church as the payee and your envelope number as the account number. This is the preferred electronic method of giving since it has low fees, requires the least work for the finance team to process, and allows you to set up recurring payments. Once you set up your bill payment, you can use it for one-time gifts or recurring payments with flexible start and stop dates.

If you want to set up an envelope number, or need a reminder of your number, please contact our Donations Secretaries.

EFT (Email Transfer, Interac)

If you wish to make your donation via EFT (also referred to as Interac or email transfer), please use [email protected] as the recipient address. You can specify your designations in the comments/notes section of your bank’s Interac/EFT page, or email the Donations Secretaries. You must set up a security question with your EFT donation. Be sure to set the answer to OFFERING.

Note that while Interac/EFT is great for single donations, it does not allow you to set up recurring donations, and it requires more processing work than the Bill Payment method. Note also that it may take a couple of days for our volunteers to process your EFT donation.

Credit Card

If you wish to give by credit card, please download form 502, fill and sign it, and then return it to the office (a scan of your signed form is sufficient). While this channel does provide you with good options to designate your offering and to set up recurring donations, we do not recommend this channel due to the high fees levied by the credit card companies.

Canada Helps

If you wish to make a one-time credit card donation, you can use the Canada Helps charity donation portal. Note that we do not recommend this channel for regular donations, due to their high fees.

Stocks and Securities

If you have stocks or other unregistered securities that you would like to donate, we recommend that you transfer them to Cedarview directly. This optimizes the amount of your donation compared to selling your securities and donating the proceeds. Cedarview has an Investor’s Edge account through CIBC that you can transfer your securities to. Please contact Brian Wall ([email protected]) for all the details.

Can I Designate My Offering?

Many givers wish to designate some or all of their offering to specific purposes within the church. Cedarview’s approved designated funds are below. Note that all undesignated offerings go to Church Operations:

Designated Funds

  • Church Operations – regular church expenses such as staff salaries, ministry expenses, general building maintenance, etc.
  • Building Fund – for major building and property expenses 
  • Global Advance – this is the Christian and Missionary Alliance’s denomination-wide fund for supporting International Workers
  • Canadian Ministries – this is the denomination-wide fund for supporting new works in Canada as well as our district office
  • Benevolent Fund – this fund is available to assist those in the Cedarview family and in our community who are in financial need
  • Approved international workers and project requirements (please contact the Donations Secretaries for the most up-to-date list) 

How to Designate

The simplest way to let us know your intended designations is to send an email to the Donations Secretaries with your designations listed either in dollar amounts or as a percentage of your total donation.

Note that you can revise your designations as needed, but keep in mind that those changes are forward looking only, they cannot be applied retroactively.

Note also that you can adjust your designations for a single offering, by listing the details and the offering for which they apply on your envelope or in Interac/EFT comments.


If you have any questions or need any clarifications, please contact our Donations Secretaries ([email protected]). They will be happy to assist you.