Psalm Sunday April 5 Online Service

Welcome – Call to Worship

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Worship Songs


  • Hosanna (Praise Is Rising):


  • Be Thou My Vision:


  • Forever Reign:


Congregational Prayer


Father heaven, we praise your name today. We remember you are Creator and Sovereign over the
whole earth. We thank you for your plan from the beginning, to make a way for us to be part of your
family. Thank you for sending Jesus to be that way.

Lord, we pray for perseverance and peace. The news, the markets, the risks are constantly before us,
weighing us down and putting us on edge. Settle our hearts and re-orient our deepest affections around
the things that are most important.

We pray for patience! Lord this time is forcing us to wait on so many things, with so little control. Grant
us the humility to wait, to wonder without worry, to listen well to our hearts and to others.

We pray for Jacqueline Mayhew’s family, as they mourn her passing.

We pray for those in our congregation dealing with job loss or financial stress. God, we pray for your
provision, and your hope to fill them in this season.

We pray for those that are dealing with significant health issues- we pray that you would keep them
and their caregivers safe.

We pray for family’s today Lord. Especially those with younger kids at home. We pray that you would
bless mothers and fathers with wisdom. It says in scripture that “The fear of the Lord is the beginning of
wisdom…”. We pray that you will bless families with good times of talking, of prayer over challenges,
and serving one another and their extended kin.

We pray for Ottawa and Ontario and Canada – Lord we ask for relief from the spread of the virus, and
wisdom for all our leaders. We pray for strength and courage for all of our health care workers, long
term home care workers and essential staff in businesses still operating. Please protect them. We are so
grateful for their work – Lord please encourage their hearts. Help us encourage the ones we know. We
also pray for so many countries now affected so greatly by the virus. God we pray, have mercy.

We know you have said we can come to you for grace and mercy in our time of need. Thank you for
forgiving us, for giving us a new identity and purpose. Thank you for the Holy Spirit who applies to our
hearts these truths and makes them a part of our experience. Thank you for the promise to empower us
to be bold when we are fearful, strong when we feel weak, and wise when we struggle for answers. We
ask for all of that today.

We dedicate our tithes and offerings to you. What we give, we give wholeheartedly, trusting you to
provide for us and for the ministry. We pray for you to establish your kingdom here on earth. We offer
our hearts and our lives for this cause above all causes.

You are faithful and just and your love endures forever, we place our trust in you again together,






Our worship regularly includes the giving of tithes and offerings and we dedicate it together to Christ and his mission through the church to our neighbours and to the nations. Without gathering physically, there are still ways to participate – click here to see some options or to ask questions.

“The people rejoiced over the offerings, for they had given freely and wholeheartedly to the LORD…” 1 Chronicles 29:9



Scripture Readings




Closing Song


Fairest Lord Jesus: